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November 12, 2015

Laura Schaposnik named Humboldt Fellow More ...

October 30, 2015

Alex Furman named AMS Fellow More ...

April 13, 2015

Kauffman receives MAA Halmos-Ford Award More ...

March 12, 2015

Dima Sinapova receives NSF CAREER Award More ...

March 9, 2015

Daniel Groves named Simons Fellow More ...

November 11, 2014

Culler and Shipley named AMS Fellows More ...

July 15, 2014

Furman named Simons Fellow More ...

April 15, 2014

Goldbring and Sparber receive NSF CAREER Awards More ...


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MON February 08

Graduate Analysis Seminar
Charles Alley (UIC), The Schwarzian Derivative.
SEO 612, 2 PM.

MON February 08

Analysis and Applied Mathematics Seminar
Brittany Froese (New Jersey Institute of Technology), Numerical Optimal Transportation Using the Monge-Ampere Equation.
SEO 636, 4 PM.

MON February 08

Graduate Algebraic Geometry Seminar
Jeremy Kun (UIC), Geometric Complexity and the Permanent.
SEO 712, 4 PM.

TUE February 09

Model Theory Seminar
Aida Alibek, John Baldwin (UIC), Maurey strong types and fundamental sequences.
SEO 427, 2 PM.

TUE February 09

Graduate Homotopy Theory Seminar
Joseph Berner (UIC), MU and Complex Orientations.
SEO 512, 2 PM.

TUE February 09

Logic Seminar
Sean Cox (Virginia Commonwealth University), Indestructible guessing models.
SEO 427, 4 PM.

TUE February 09

Graduate Computational Algebraic Geometry Seminar
Jon Yaggie (UIC), Conditional Probabilistic Knowledge Bases using Gröbner Bases.
SEO 1227, 4 PM.

TUE February 09

Graduate Statistics Seminar
Tian Tian (UIC), A discussion on the performance of the Coordinate-Exchange Algorithm.
SEO 636, 4 PM.

WED February 10

Dylon Chow Lecture Series in Derived Algebraic Geometry
Tasos Moulinos (UIC), On $\infty$-operads.
SEO 612, 1 PM.

FRI February 12

Departmental Colloquium
Professor Joel E. Cohen (Rockefeller University & Columbia University), All Roads Lead to Rome, and Many Models Lead to Taylor's Power Law of Fluctuation Scaling.
SEO 636, 3 PM.