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October 4, 2014

Midwest Model Theory Day at UIC Oct 28 More ...

October 4, 2014

Appalachian Set Theory at UIC Nov 22 More ...

August 26, 2014

New MSCS Faculty More ...

July 15, 2014

Furman named Simons Fellow More ...

April 15, 2014

Goldbring and Sparber receive NSF CAREER Awards More ...

November 20, 2013

MSCS receives Research Training Group grant in algebraic geometry More ...

September 3, 2013

Alex Furman to speak at ICM More ...

April 7, 2013

David Cabrera receives Silver Circle Award More ...


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MON October 27

Geometry, Topology and Dynamics Seminar
Sonja Stimac (University of Zagreb and IUPUI), Horseshoe-like maps of plane and symbolic dynamics.
SEO 636, 3 PM.

MON October 27

Combinatorics Seminar
Maryam Sharifzadeh (UIUC), The number of maximal sum-free subsets of integers.
SEO 427, 3 PM.

MON October 27

Graduate Number Theory Seminar
Abel Castillo (UIC), Remarks on the distribution of Frobenius for elliptic modules.
SEO 712, 3 PM.

MON October 27

Geometry, Topology and Dynamics Seminar
Sheel Ganatra (Stanford University), Open-closed string maps and circle actions in symplectic topology.
SEO 612, 4 PM.

TUE October 28

Graduate Analysis Seminar
Zhihui Xie (UIC), Derivation of Nonlinear Schrödinger equation from many-body systems.
SEO 512, 4 PM.

WED October 29

Graduate Theoretical Computer Science Seminar
Rojin Kianian (University of Southern Denmark), Finding the K best synthesis plans.
SEO 427, 2 PM.

WED October 29

Algebraic Geometry Seminar
Brooke Ullery (University of Michigan), Normality of Secant Varieties.
SEO 427, 4 PM.

WED October 29

Statistics Seminar
V. Devanarayan (AbbVie), Some important statistical considerations in biomarker discovery from high-dimensional data.
SEO 636, 4 PM.

FRI October 31

Algebraic Topology Seminar
Zhouli Xu (University of Chicago), Homotopy groups of spheres and the strong Kervaire invariant problem in dimension 62..
SEO 1227, 1 PM.

FRI October 31

Departmental Colloquium
De Witt Sumners (Florida State University), The Role of Entanglement in DNA Structure and Function.
SEO 636, 3 PM.